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Bar Ends & vibration

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    Bar Ends & vibration

    Well, yet another "I don't know squat about bike accessories" thread.

    The used 97 CBR900RR is bought has aftermarket grips on it. The previous owner also pulled the stock bar ends, along with the stock inner weights, out of the bars. He replaced them with plastic plugs. Not only does it look a little goofy, but it also vibrates my hands to sleep.

    So, can anyone advise any good weighted or anti-vibration bar ends?

    I found THESE at Chaparral, but will they do the trick?

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    Bar Ends & vibration

    The OEM ones.

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    Bar Ends & vibration

    Bar ends run a little more than twenty a pop ...

    Busa bar ends are massive and can be gotten cheap.

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    Bar Ends & vibration

    I bought a set with rubber insets and stainless ends that worked great on my R1.

    Just dont be cheap about it, or your hand will go numb.

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