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Coolant Leakage

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    Coolant Leakage

    So I get a note saying to call the campus police at my college so I call and find out someone tipped my bike over in the parking lot. The left fairing has a quarter size area that's a little scraped not really noticeable and the left rearset is a little scratched from what appears to be the clutch lever scraping it but the clutch lever doesn't appear to be damaged so overall not too bad since we can't find who did it. I then notice a green liquid on the back of the left rearset which is coolant. I haven't had much time to look at it too close as it was getting dark and had no tools to play around with the plastics to see the lines but is it possible that coolant reservoir on the right right side of the bike overflowed and thats where the coolant is coming from? The bike is an 06 ninja 650r and all the coolant hoses and devices are located at the front of the bike no where near where the coolant is on the rearset so it seems strange to be back that far on the bike. Any opinions? Really hoping its something simple and not a big deal so I won't have to put it away for the winter yet because I don't have the time to fix it right now.

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    Re: Coolant Leakage

    Is there an overflow tube somewhere close to where you saw the coolant? That would be my guess.

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    Yep. Don't sweat it.

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    Re: Coolant Leakage

    Look under seat for expansion tank

    If its a little you fine

    Now go get one of those deer cameras and find out who's after you

    I.m going with ex-girlfiend

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