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Counter-rotating brake rotors

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    Lightbulb Counter-rotating brake rotors

    Very interesting idea...

    Reverse rotating brake rotors

    The rotors are geared to spin the opposite direction as the wheel, partially cancelling out the gyroscopic forces... reducing steering effort and reducing susceptibility to headshake. (Probably kills the need for a steering damper too)

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    Counter-rotating brake rotors

    Interesting very interesting

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    Counter-rotating brake rotors

    Sounds like crap to me. I'm too busy at work to do any in depth write up but a couple quick points....

    no gyroscopic force keeping the bike in line on the banks of daytona = sure death. Front end would not be stable in the corners, tank slappers to not happen at lean. you can have your front wheel barely moving when you put down a wheelie and instantly go into a slapper. the front wheel of a motorcycle or bycicle ocilates left and right as it travels it does not roll in a perfectly straight line.

    That web page looks like crap too. The idea is worth an honorable mention but holes upon holes. might sell better as a twist on the spinner hubcaps.

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