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Degsy et al- LP sponsorship deals

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    Smile Degsy et al- LP sponsorship deals

    Greetings folks-

    Just saw this (below) on the SV website-I do not know if it helps but I figured I would pass it along.


    Penske shock at 40-50% off via LP Spomsership Program

    LPUSA Team Privateer program
    Hello racers,

    My name is Aaron Lephart and I am the Motorsports Manager at Lockhart Phillips USA. I wanted to drop everyone a line and let you know we are continually expanding our Team Privateer Program. This program supports roadracers throughout the USA by offering discounts on our LPUSA race products. In addition to supporting privateers Lockhart Phillips also backs racers by sponsoring the AMA LPUSA Formula Extreme class and the Pace LPUSA Unlimited Superbike class. LPUSA offers this program to the racers as a way to give back to the racing community for which LPUSA has been involved in for quite some time. Our requirements for being considered for privateer sponsorship are that you have a current racing license with any amateur or pro racing sanctioning body (ie: WERA, CCS, AFM). Please also let us know what class you are racing. Upon receipt of these documents via e-mail, postal mail or fax I will get back to the racers within 24 hours, usually the same day. After you are set up in our computer system a racer packet of
    information is immediately sent out. The racer packet includes a catalog, pricelist, stickers for your bike, patch for your leathers, shirt and a brief contract too look over, sign and return. The contract is very brief and is mostly a release of liability against Lockhart Phillips. It also states that you will run a small 4x4 "LP Racing" square sticker on each side of the bike. If your use to paying retail pricing for parts you can expect a 40-50% decrease in price! Orders can be placed for product immediately pending your contract being sent back to us. There are also countless benefits offered to our racers mid year like "Privateer of the Month" where a different racer each month is featured on our website for recent accomplishments. In addition to the press the racer is also given a parts credit to be used towards additional LP purchases. We also offer special promotions and closeout of items only available to racers. Not even LPUSA dealers are available for these promotions. Get that replacement exhaust canister that has small shipping dent in the back of it for a quarter of its original cost, or a set of leathers that has been discontinued. If you have any questions about the program don't hesitate to call or e-mail.

    Thanks for your time.
    Aaron Lephart

    Please call P.J. at
    Voice: 1-800-221-7291 ext 260
    Fax: 949-498-9492
    Email: privateer@lockhartphillipsusa.com
    Postal: Lockhart Phillips USA
    151 Calle Iglesia
    San Clemente, Ca 92672

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    Thanks Scott

    I'm already a team privateer sponsored rider.


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    not a problem

    I did not know if this was something that would work for the team or individuals-oh well.

    Pearldog (aka Lyle)

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    Degsy et al- LP sponsorship deals

    Yep. My package is also in the mail...I didn't see that advertisement.. I may go for that shock


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