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Someone explain to me a Salvage Title?

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    Someone explain to me a Salvage Title?

    what exactly is it? why do some bikes have it? i saw a perfectly fine 2005 zx-6r o ebay. they guy says in one sentence it is perfect and runs great then he says it has a salvage title. doesn;t make sense to me. if anyone can explain it to me id be appreciative.

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    ins. companys total. & its been rebuit

    & it has a salvage title .
    in CT you can't registrate . & more states also .
    but you can get a rebuilt title but it's a pain in the ass
    cost alot of $ 2 fix bikes . so thay total the bike & then you have a choice of letting them take the bike . or you can buy it back ....
    now a days you can get parts from e-bay plastics & so on cheap
    & fix the bike then sell it on e-bay . 2 some one who thinks they are getting a deal ................
    in ct you need 2 have the bike inspected & proove you fixed the bike . ie have all receipts & pix of the bikes damage
    = pain in the ass
    from what i understand VT it is easyer 2 do this

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    Someone explain to me a Salvage Title?

    Yup, just a vehicle that was previously totalled, fixed, and re-titled.

    Anything with a salvage title is going to be worth less than a vehicle with a clean title.

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    Someone explain to me a Salvage Title?

    I bought my first bike with a salvage title in NY. I live in CT. In order to get a clean title, I needed to make repairs, document those repairs against the original state in which the bike was bought. Once that was done, I had to go back to NY to get the bike inspected. I had to furnish them with pics of the bike in the condition in which it was bought, along with receipts and pictures of the bike that were repaired. Once the inspection was complete, I received a clean title. I brought that title back to CT and was able to register the bike. A pain in the ass, but was worth it in the end.

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