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Finally I ride

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    Finally I ride

    Haven't really ridden my Road king in three years, various reasons for this but it's been sitting on a tender, and I've had no real desire to ride on the street either. I did ride to get a sticker each season, plus one test ride to see if my wrist would twist and hold up after I dislocated it! So hardly what I call riding possibly 60 miles total in that time frame...
    Changed the oil and went to the beach this past week 65 miles one way got lost in Maine the 1st try but found some nice roads and stops interesting riding with no GPS... made the trip four times this past week total miles 265 so not bad.
    I needed to commute back to work while the wife stayed at the condo.
    It was more fun than I thought it would be easier riding without a passenger Shes not into it anymore. still had tour pack and wind shield on. Needed the cargo capacity, windshield goes with the look and is a nice bug deflector.
    Forgot how hot it gets when its 90 out sitting in traffic... and how great it feels when its cooler and the roads are good. will say my head was on a swivel at all times and had two people take lefts in front of me both times i was ready with moderately hard braking in one case, overall people behaved well. I think the Harleys a good street bike for me it's just so slow and heavy, so I keep the speed down and just cruse.
    The bike needs tires (flat spots from sitting?) and front brakes, and I need to check the drive belt and or engine mounts as I have a vibration that's out of the norm or have, I just forgotten how much it does it? lol
    Will see how much spare time I have. Ride well all.

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