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Friend and co-worker of mine killed Sat.

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    Friend and co-worker of mine killed Sat.

    After riding the track, it's stuff like this that makes me nervous on the street now. Riding on the track, most of the time it will be your fault if you crash, not on the street. Very sad.

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    Friend and co-worker of mine killed Sat.

    Originally posted by Jaynnus
    I saw this on the news too...only he was on a Harley that he just bought. Maybe I have the wrong guy...

    Same guy, think the media knows or cares about the difference n bikes. It was a big bike with chrome on it, must be a Harley. I think it has made all of the local and not so local news stations.

    Very sad thing that happened indeed. My thoughts will be with him and his family.

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    Friend and co-worker of mine killed Sat.

    Originally posted by sanfelice
    we need TRAFFIC CALMING MEASURES. Yes, this means "speed bumps" or speed tables on residential roads and on those roads where people like to be able to cross the street without being mowed down. I am not familiar with this road, but it really does not matter. Anywhere the speed limit is 30mph and it is densely populated, traffic calming is possible and it doesn't necessarily have to be speed bumps. anyone can speed on any road at any time, but a road that is known for continuous high speed traffic should be first on a list for these speed tables.
    I spoke with some cops and my neighbor used to work for the police station in Spfld, I also called the department of transportation, and they all told me the same thing, the city won't pay to put speed bumps, "they don't have budget for that", and they said people speed everywhere, and it wouldn't make sense to put speed bumps everywhere where people speed. They also told me that even if I call to report a speeding car on my street, they can't do nothing about it unless THEY (the cops) witness it themselves and pull the car over. My street is a quiet neighborhood street, but fairly quiet long, and curvy, young punks LOVE to race our street with their riced cars, and slowing down in front of our elementary school (100 feet away from my home) is only an "option".

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