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gloves for my little fingas keep um warm

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    Question gloves for my little fingas keep um warm

    north folk what you guys use

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    gloves for my little fingas keep um warm

    A coupla years ago I bought a pair of HJC gloves. I can't remember the model name, but they're for cold weather. They definitely keep ya plenty warm! So much so that my hands often sweat when I wear 'em, no matter how cold it gets. The only down side to 'em is that they don't give ya much feel for the levers and what not's. I THINK they're the Reisla model, or something like that. I can letchya know tonight...

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    gloves for my little fingas keep um warm

    Beet, I will hook you up with a pair of cold weather gloves when we meet for the ride sunday. Almost brand new, very cheap price to you.


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