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Heheh... therapy.

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    Talking Heheh... therapy.

    Hehe.. so yesterday I was too lazy to shovel the snow out from the front of the garage. (I pile it all up in front of the bikes so I can get the car out)

    Finally today I couldn't resist and got the bike out. Get out there, warm up, putting my helmet on, and I realize my registration expired 2 days ago. Goddamn MA expiring all bike registrations at the end of the year.

    So I go inside, wait about 5 minutes and say fuck it. I renewed online and printed the receipt and stuck it in my pocket.. couldn't resist riding so I just took the chance.

    Went for about 75 miles. Last thing I do on the way home is go around a cloverleaf on Rt. 2 and then I'm on 128 for like 2 miles and I get off. So I went around the cloverleaf around 50. Pretty slow in the summer, but faster than I can do in my car right now.

    Get off the highway and the window opens on this Red Jeep and Kham sticks his head out the window with a big shit eating grin. That was great...


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    Heheh... therapy.


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