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Hell For Leather ends paid Subscription

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    Hell For Leather ends paid Subscription


    Recently, there have been comments that HFL is changing, and thatís true. Such is the life of a small, growing online company. Some of you have also noticed the subscriber-based pay wall has actually been non-functional for some time now. In fact, it came down just a little while after the last PSA I put up. I promised Iíd follow up once I had some concrete to give you, and while I could bore the daylights out of you with tech-talk about widgets, databases, portals and revenue streams, Iíd rather just say that HFL has decided to permanently dismantle the pay wall.

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    Re: Hell For Leather ends paid Subscription

    Great news. Their articles are usually pretty solid

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    Re: Hell For Leather ends paid Subscription

    fuck yeah

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