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Helmet fitment

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    Helmet fitment

    Well I figured I would throw it out there with all the helmet hub-bub going around.

    I THOUGHT I wore a xl quantum 2(only owned it for about a year now ) until I was at MM and the owner (I'm bad with names) told me it was to big. Sooo I have been in the market for a new lid.

    I think I want to go with a scorpion exo-1000

    The problem is that a large feels like its going to cave my fore head in but the xl I can wedge a few fingers up the side.

    So the question is how tight is tight enough? The xl arai to al exo feels like a whole size smaller (I was told I needed a large) but feel like it fits good, it feels good and does not wobble around when I shake my head. If the helmet fit correctly should I be able to stick a finger up threw the side?

    The biggest problem is that I trust the MM guy to fit me but they don't carry scorpions. Performance cycle has exo 400s but the guy there was telling me that the low line hjc (cl-14?) were ok and not banned at any track (bs) so I don't trust his judgment. Motosports int. has all the lids but their whole staff kind of gives me a bad vibe. If someone could give me a contact down there that has a clue that would be great since they are close and have good enough prices. But if not I will just try on their lids again and order online since their service sucks

    If nothing seems to work maybe I will just buy a Z1R-strike for 100 bucks that got the best rating a few years ago from motorcyclists 3rd party testing.

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    Helmet fitment

    you dont want to be able to slide any fingers inside from what i have been told, it should fit tight but not so tight it feels your going to get a headache. Some helmets are shaped different and will fit better. Forr example I fit really well in a suomy medium vector I think it is, but there top of the line helmets the spec 1r and spec 1 r extreme are a different shape and they kill my head. YYou want it to be tight enough that it moves the skin on your forhead up and down when you move it, but it should remian comfortable at the same time.

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    Helmet fitment

    It sounds to me like its the shape of the helmet thats the problem.

    Since MM was good enough to measure your head and let you know that you're in the wrong size... why not go back and let them fit you properly and then buy your lid from them. I know they don't carry Scorpion, but why not buy an Arai.

    Did they mention what model Arai you should be in?

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    Helmet fitment

    I fit well in a Quantum but a Profile Arai hurst my head.

    Sunomy also doesn't fit my head shape well either and only one model Shoei fits...

    Head shape plays an important roll, not just size.

    Motorcycle Helmet FAQ - webBikeWorld

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    Helmet fitment

    I would go with the tighter one. After some use/sweat it will break in and feel better. I really like my KBC VR2 Gunslinger

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    Helmet fitment

    Try on a whole bunch of different brands ... just go to a lot of dealers and try on different brands.

    I knew when I put mine on that it was the one.

    When I bought the bike, they tried to fit an Arai Quantum to me and I always hated that effing helmet and did not really know why. Just knew that I hated it. When I put a Shoei on my head, I knew that was the right shape and right fit immediately.

    I traded the Arai for a pair of leather Dainese PT103 pants. Never looked back.

    It was not a matter of money, the price of the Arai and the Shoei were the same. Just when I put that helmet on my head, I knew that was the one.

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