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hyper 821 suspension

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    hyper 821 suspension

    Lots of online randos say the hyper 821 stock suspension is atrocious; no damping at all in the left fork, etc.
    I think I recall hearing Paul opine otherwise.

    Interested in hearing more from anyone here with either a 'tard or 'strada 821. What'd you do to the suspension and why?

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    701 E/SM, Hyperstrada 821

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    Re: hyper 821 suspension

    I still can't figure out what all the whining online is about. I am lightweight, but the suspension is more than good for railing at a sporting pace on the street. It's typical Ducati. firm, non-wallowy feel. It can be a little edgy on harsh bumps, but the seating position is so dirtbike like, that it kinda hides that. I understand there is a Mupo drop in cartdrige kit that improves the front, and the same co makes a rear shock. I have invested 0 money or worry into this, and it has not let me down.

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