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lookng for a radar detector

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    lookng for a radar detector

    Anyone have a link where I can find a good radar detector,I can't afford tickets this summer and would like to keep my insurance prims. down.Are they worth the money....do they work on bikes as well as they do for cars? Thanx for any help you guys can give me......Let it MELT!!!!SNOW SUX!!!!!!

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    lookng for a radar detector

    Try radio shack , from what I hear they got all the latest , It should work as well as bikes also . .. but the only problem is most likely you won't hear the beeping or see the flashing when your riding , unless you mount it on your windshield . . but someone would definitely steal it. Try these http://www.london-calling-pt.com/rad...tor_review.htm

    Also .. . . These things won't detect everything . . My brother got one in his car and he got caught before on the small roads around town . . . these things are only good on the highway cause around town the police supposedly put fake radar guns that trigger your detectors to go off like those little things that go this is your speed , this is the speed limit . .. that makes the radar detector go off.

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    lookng for a radar detector

    I always hear people saying this kind of thing, like they're not perfect, thay false-alarm, they don't detect lazer, blah blah blah... so basically, go buy a cheap one but don't stop using common sense. If the thing saves you from ONE ticket, it's easily paid for itself. I have the crappiest detector known to man, but I'm sure it's saved me like 10-20 times in the car and at least 5 times on the bike. I don't know if I would have actually gotten pulled over all those times, but it gave me advanced warning when I otherwise wouldn't have had it, and that's a good thing. Just my $.02

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    lookng for a radar detector

    I had a cobra once, good range, nice features, but when it comes to getting serious about radar detection, go V1 I recommend a helmet speaker or a screamer for audio alert

    you can see my radar installation here and here

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    lookng for a radar detector

    The V1 is good, but pricey, on the other hand it is ugradable when new technology comes out.

    I have the passport 8500, comes with an out put for an earbud that i run right into the helmet so I can hear the thing go off.

    I paid $299 and it has repaid itself in the truck and on the bike several times over. well worth the investment.

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    Mystery Squid??

    Is that the brand new battery-op Passport?? How does it compare to your past detectors??


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