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Oreo.... on a TLR????

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    Oreo.... on a TLR????

    The Chicken's suspension is a little Spaghetti-Like at speed too. They have the swing arm pivot in the engine case like the Ducati, but they didn't get it right!

    Doesn't "feel" as tight as the TL ....

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    Oreo.... on a TLR????

    I owned a Superhawk before I got my TL-R. Need I say more? I was never very happy with the Honda. Yeah, I was psyched in the beginning, but I think that had more to do with the deal I got on it...

    The TL's (R's & S's) are far more stable at ANY speed. Yeah, the Honda's definitely flickable, but I never felt comfy tossing it around. It always felt to me like the thing was just getting ready to fold in half. It does have more comfy ergo's that the TL-R, but the TL-R's seat is TONS more comfortable. For some reason, on anything over 100 miles, my legs would get cramped on the Honda. You'd think it'd be the other way around, but that wasn't the case...

    The TL (to me) is way more fun to ride than the Superhawk was. Again, it never really made me feel like I was having fun. To quote JC, the TL makes me feel 'like I've just assaulted a neighborhood'. The 'hawk just never did that for me. I could never get really excited about it...

    Go with the 'zook if that's the route you're gonna take. You won't be let down...

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