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made some peg mounts

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    Bikeless SmokennFasTT's Avatar
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    made some peg mounts

    what ya guys think, i fabricated these last nite.
    the only thing is I dont want my girl to burn herself on the pipes where can i buy that heat wrap cloth stuff?

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    made some peg mounts

    Let your girl take one ride on that back seat and she will not want to join you again...unless of course she is a gluton for punishment!

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    made some peg mounts

    I have a feeling her feet will be melted off at the ankles! Header wrap will not help at all. RC51's weren't ever meant to have passengers. Nor was any true sportbike. Eh, don't listen to me, I don't know what I'm talking about.

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    made some peg mounts

    Nice job, but she will have burns on her ancles for sure!
    If you check out other adapters for those pipes you will see the bracket for the rear pegs raises up and forward. Then there are long spacers that bring the foot pegs above and to the outside of the pipes which will keep your womans feet away from the burn zone...

    Doesn't matter what you do though, because she is going to hate riding on the back of the RC! I don't even bother offering rides. I am keeping the rear pegs off, never putting the rear seat on. I even changed my insurance so there is no passenger coverage.

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    made some peg mounts

    i got mine at an off road shop in wells, but im sure any hot rod shop would have it or lockhart phillips if you dont mind ordering it.

    WEAR GLOVES when you put it on... its made out of a fiberglass type material so long sleeves and shit..

    i would call Micron and just order the spacer kit needed for that unless they dont offer one. i know Jardine does

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