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polish/ rubbing compound

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    polish/ rubbing compound

    well i used heat this weekend to remove the weak ass teal green zx9 and ninga graphics off my bike. where the ninga one's were the paint is lighter than the surrounding area. i figured with red paint it would be the other way around. i'm looking for something to bled it together. is there a good safe product to use? will any auto product work the same on plastics as it does on the steel body panels of a car?

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    polish/ rubbing compound

    What you are describing sounds like a problem with the paint being discolored due to oxidation or other weathering. You could try and polish the paint to make the paint color closer to what was once the original color, and what sounds like is under the sticker area.

    I would start with something moderate, and work your way there. If you get a good shine going on a red paint you can use that to cover much of the imperfections.

    I'd start with a 3M Finesse-It which you can get at most any body shop. Follow that with a good polish and wax and you'll be good. You could get the polish and the wax from the Mother's system and use those for steps 2 & 3 (Finesse-It being step #1).

    If that does not work you can get into more aggressive things like wet sanding, etc. but I am willing to wager it will get messy.

    Good luck!

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