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running on the LE

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    running on the LE

    Report asking Willie Sutton most notrious 30's bank robber

    "Why do you rob banks"

    Wille "Cause that's where the money is"

    Actually I am sure that lower classes get more attention form LEO's then the middle class.

    Now BUICKS they get a free ride

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    running on the LE

    Originally posted by richw

    Already at age 6 my kid knows

    This old Geezer has a lot of work today so can't play much more
    Oh dear you've reproduced????????

    I am done for good now

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    running on the LE

    Originally posted by Stoneman
    WTF is THAT??? Only the 'middle class' get's speeding tickets???
    I guess maybe the working class.

    Where's the gov't's revenue sources?

    Taxing the middle class. The working class.

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