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School me on: Mobius ActionCam vs. GoPro vs. etc, etc.

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    School me on: Mobius ActionCam vs. GoPro vs. etc, etc.

    I have a GoPro Hero 2 and I've loved the thing.

    I'm thinking about getting another action cam, both for the features of the current generation and so that I can use both and capture more than one angle in a session / race.

    I know of some GoPro competitors that are in the same ballpark as far as price point, but a friend of mine just recommended the Mobius Action Cam.


    It's currently ~1/4 the price of a GoPro (~$85 for now, although amazon says retail is $199).

    Amazon.com: mobius

    I think it has the same resolution / fps as the GoPro Silver edition.

    The one downside I see is that it doesn't currently have an option for a super-durable housing, just a weatherproof silicone one. But at $85, I might be willing to risk smashing a couple of the cameras over the course of what the GoPro's life would be.

    Does anybody have any experience with a Mobius, or just some overall thoughts (I'm not very technical on camera specs)?

    Feel free to add any thoughts about GoPro or any of it's competitors ( JVC Addixxion, Sony Action Cam, Polaroid Cube, Ion Air, Drift Ghost, Garmin VIRB,

    Also, feel free to point me towards any reviews that you might have found to be helpful.

    For anybody interested in reading up, here's a review I just found of most of those options (minus Polaroid and Mobius) from gizmodo, which I'll check out after I get home from work:
    The Best Action Camera: Spring 2014 Edition

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    Re: School me on: Mobius ActionCam vs. GoPro vs. etc, etc.

    GoPro.....and there was a deal on them FYI

    Yea...close this tread up LOLOLOL


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    Re: School me on: Mobius ActionCam vs. GoPro vs. etc, etc.

    BikeBandit also has good things to say about the JVC

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