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I want to sell a pair of Dianese gloves ????

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    I want to sell a pair of Dianese gloves ????

    I have a new pair of new Dianese gloves for sale and cant post them up. Can someone tell me what to do to post them

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    Re: I want to sell a pair of Dianese gloves ????

    Go to the for sale forum. http://www.nestreetriders.com/forum/forum14/
    Click Post New Thread.
    In Prefix pick "For Sale - Gear"

    In title put Dianese [model] gloves size [size].
    In the body describe the gloves. Provide a price. Post some pictures.

    Provide a price is required.

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    Re: I want to sell a pair of Dianese gloves ????

    And it's spelled Dainese, not Dianese...just sayin.

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    Its an Italian bike...Ive had (have?) a few

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    Re: I want to sell a pair of Dianese gloves ????

    If I remeber right u need x number of posts or need to be a member for a certain amount of time before being able to post in for sale

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    Re: I want to sell a pair of Dianese gloves ????

    From the For Sale Forum Rules thread (http://www.nestreetriders.com/forum/...rum-rules.html)
    To start new threads in this forum you must have either A) been a member for at least 90 days, or B) have earned Premium Member status by purchasing a membership or purchasing NESR gear. This forum is for private sale items only; if you are a vendor peddling your goods, this is not the place to do it. From the forum rules:

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
    Unapproved advertising on NESR is not permitted. Anyone posting unauthorized solicitations or advertisements of any kind will be warned and have the offending posts removed accordingly. Repeat offenders will be removed from the community permanently.
    Keep these threads on topic, ONLY reply with pertinent questions and comments. Most of all do not trash other people's "for sale" posts, whether in jest or not...

    Please include all important information and an accurate description about the item you're selling...

    State your price. Even if it's "$5 or best offer" a price is required with each item for sale.

    Old threads will be closed and retained for up to 5 years for reference purposes.
    As you've been a member for over 90 days, send a PM to Frankenstein or Stoneman if you're having issues starting a thread.

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