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Silly starter clutch cover.

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    Silly starter clutch cover.

    Well, last September I lowsided on the right at about 40mph, bike slid probably 50 feet and the right side plastic got a little rash on the "scoop", and the peanut cover got pretty rashed up too. Suprisingly, it didnt leak whatsoever. Well, out of the blue while riding a few weekends ago, I happened to look down at my boot after making a lunch stop, and saw some wierd spots on it. Wiped it off, and found it to be a greasy substance. Looked at the bike, and there was little spatters of oil along the fairing just behind the starter cover. Sure enough, there was a TINY leak somewhere on the cover. I probably lost a tablespoon of oil the entire day, but nonetheless it was leaking. Got the cover replaced this week, and sure enough...........

    How it went 9 months, and then out of the blue starts leaking I have no idea. The lowside was the last time the bike has so much as tipped over. Guess it finally gave up the ghost.

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    Silly starter clutch cover.

    Throw a bead on that bitch!

    Wait, you already got a replacement. Nevermind.

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    Silly starter clutch cover.

    pfffft ! bubblicious and piss on it !

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