I don't always to go bike week, but when I do, I let my Dad ride another of my ugly old bikes since he forgot to renew the reg on his FJR.

I present to you, SS LandWhale-kanc-jpg

At the McDonald's watching bumper to bumper traffic. All cruisers with a few Jicksahs thrown in.

I present to you, SS LandWhale-mcdonalds-jpg

Even with a full weekend of luggage and a ton of "first big ride" tools/spares/fluids for the bike, the thing swallowed a case of beer, two rotisserie chickens, breakfast for the next morning, cheese, crackers and various other groceries on the way to the condo. And she still wasn't full!

Averaged around 45-50mpg for the whole weekend, also having a radio was mint for droning along at old-man and cruiser pace the whole weekend.