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Suspension Adjustment

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    Re: Suspension Adjustment

    Would somebody please video PK reading this thread and then post it up here?

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    Re: Suspension Adjustment

    Yes you will need to remove the forks form the bike to change the fluid.

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    Re: Suspension Adjustment

    Every bike I had, one of the 1st things I've done was to get the suspension setting set to me. N most of these bikes are set to a 150lb rider out the factory. Then since I buy used, I have no idea if they ever changed things.

    To be on the safe side, I always took my bikes to a respected speed shop. When I lived in NY, there was a speed shop in Jersey call Washington Cycle Works. They ask me what kind of riding and condition of the roads I will be on. One guy holds the bike up by the handlebars, I sit on the bike and another starts measuring the movement in the forks are rear shock. They have me jump on the pegs a few times. Then they have me take the bike on a test run on some local conservative twisters. Always makes the bike feel like a whole different bike. I think maybe a 1/2hrs worth work in the shop + the test ride. $40 and that was the last time I got a bike done 6 years ago.

    If you're not to sure on how to set your suspension, I'm a big advocate of getting professionals to do it. Especially if it's only a once every 10year thing (I don't purchase bikes very often).

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