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Teach me some things about Ducatis

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    Re: Teach me some things about Ducatis

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_E_D View Post
    Mine have all been very reliable with some quirks. I put 50k mils on an air cooled monster with no issues. My hyper has had no issues other than the grabby clutch and rear brake that is tough to keep bled. My 959 has had the water pump gear failure (a known issue). otherwise the bikes have been ridden hard, put away wet, and never let me down.
    Same here, no big problems with the seven Ducs I've owned. But I never did learn to do "valves and belts" every 6000 or 7500 miles, so I was paying $$$$ to keep them going. For a long time, I found it worth it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer View Post
    Another thing about Ducati’s is you have to buy green Dr Marten high boots, and spend a minimum or 2.5 hours at Starbucks a week.
    'Way back in '92 I wore black DMs riding my '92 907ie.

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    Re: Teach me some things about Ducatis

    Looking around at what’s out there, I’m throwing the KTM 790/890 Duke in my list of potentials. Had not considered these before, but sat on a 790 and have looked at a lot of reviews and they seem pretty appealing. Love how light the 790 feels. I’ve also been toying with the idea of selling the Scrambler since I haven’t been riding it much in the dirt since I got the 501, and in that case I guess I’d want to look at something that can tour at least fairly well. Which I guess wouldn’t be ideal for the Duke. That leads me back towards the Multistradas… Maybe that upcoming 890 SMT, but I don’t love the looks…

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