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Thinking about dual sport/ ADV bike

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    Re: Thinking about dual sport/ ADV bike

    I've ridden the older BMW F800 and have a 790 ADV-R. They couldn't be any more different. The BMW is sewing machine electric feel of heavy flywheel without the rush of ever coming on the pipe. The KTM feels like it is a two stroke in comparison. It pulls and then screams like a very lightweight flywheel of a two stroke. Harder to ride as a two stroke as well. The BMW is easy to ride as it doesn't ever get exciting. The KTM is very exciting to ride.

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    Re: Thinking about dual sport/ ADV bike

    I haven't ridden the Duke but have the F800ST. I agree that the BMW is quite smooth, mature in power delivery and overall a very pleasant sport touring bike. The gearing via the belt was quite high, so economy was terrific, but power delivery sedate. Overall, I think the F800ST was a great sport touring bike with a low wet weight, but gobs of comfort. I see the Duke to be more mental/raw which can translate to a more exciting power delivery.

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    Re: Thinking about dual sport/ ADV bike

    Quote Originally Posted by SRTie4k View Post
    KTM's are ridiculously fun. Unfortunately KTM dealers are by and large utter garbage.
    I've had pretty good luck with my dealer, of course I do have an "IN", but they were great with warranty work and having parts for the 690.

    I'll have another orange at some point.....

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