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Tire dilemma...

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    Tire dilemma...

    So, I just bought a DRZ400 Super Motard, with the intention if using it for occasional off-road stuff, as well as track days and commuting.

    From putting 400 miles on it on the street, I think we have the track day and commuting covered. But, I just did my first off-road trail ride. If I were a more experienced dirt rider, I wouldn't worry about it; the bike definitely pitches about and gets shitty traction, but I kept up with an experienced rider with a brand new KTM. It was just a little bit terrifying, as everytime I went through a mud puddle at speed, the bike would try to dive out from under me.

    I'm considering two options; the first is to get a whole set of dirt wheels, tires, hubs, sprocket, and front rotor. This is going to cost me an arm and a leg, and frankly, I could probably buy a decent older dirt bike for less.

    Option two is to find an ideal set of tires. I am kicking around the idea of getting some sort of dual-sport tire (Pirelli Azaros maybe?). But, I dont want to have to change them around every time I want to do a track day.

    Anybody know of a good dual sport tire that will work at a track day? Any other ideas?

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    Tire dilemma...

    I turn the mic over to RANDY!

    He's all about the Dual Sportage!

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    Tire dilemma...

    I would get a second set of wheels. You'll pay the price up front but they will pay for themselves in saved hassles and time... and most importantly having the confidence in a tire suited for the type of riding
    You'll want a full on knobby for New England trails and you'll want some sticky sport hoop for the street/track stuff

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    Tire dilemma...

    Pirelli MT60Rs or Avon Extreme Rains would give you decent off road traction and would be great for a rainy track day, but on dry pavement they get hot & greasey fast

    Avon distanzias are decent street tires, but I wasn't impressed with their dirt performance

    I haven't tried the Pirelli scorpoin Sync's yet

    Azaro's are the Avon regular street tire

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