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Tire mounting south shore?

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    Tire mounting south shore?

    Anybody here capable of doing tires on a ducati or know of a shop that will do it without buying the tires from them. So far I've gotten a no because I didn't buy the tires from them and a yes but for a ridiculous amount of money and they couldn't balance the rear.

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    Re: Tire mounting south shore?

    Degsy can do it in Taunton. He wont be available until the end of next week though

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    Not on the south Shore but I can do them in Lancaster, ma for 40 if you bring me the rims or 60 if you bring the bike. I can get a single sided stand from a friends and I am confident he has the axle tool as well. $10 tire disposal as well.

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    Re: Tire mounting south shore?

    I have the stands, axle nut tools and the right cones to balance the rear wheel. I've done many, many Ducatis (have an 848 myself).
    I'm in Chelmsford, MA. There's a link in my sig.

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