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Tire sealer and balancers

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    Tire sealer and balancers

    Anyone have info on Ride-On? Closest dealer I can find is about 45 mi from me. Stuff looks like a good product to balance and seal.

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    What are ou riding an why do you want to use a balancer/sealer?

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    Re: Tire sealer and balancers

    I thought this stuff would be a good idea. But the other day I was talking with Paul Morrissey at Aero Cycle in Medford MA, they stopped using it after going to a Dunlop seminar. As I gathered from what he said, the Dunlop techs believed that these sealers just mask a problem that should be repaired. After two punctures in the past year, I carry a plugging kit with me now. The first time I had to replace the tire. The second one, I had Aero repair it from the inside with a mushroom plug. If money were no object, I'd probably replace it (PR2 rear). (Uh-oh, I may have started another discussion about plugging vs. replacing.)

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