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New Tires

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    New Tires

    About time to get some new tires for the bike, my two choices are metzeler m1's or michelin pilot powers. I had the m1's on my old bike and liked them, but i've heard nothing but good about the pilot powers. Also, looks like the pilot powers last a little longer too, but i've never had any experience with them.
    Anybody want to persuade me one way or the other?

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    New Tires

    Sportec M1s are crap.

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    New Tires

    i've uesd both. I like the Powers better.
    More stable, better feedback, better grip
    and they last longer.
    What else can you want from a tire ?
    the M1s I found got greasy on really hot days.

    I hear though that there is a new tire called
    M3 that Metzler are releasing with better wear

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