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tourmaster synergy pants

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    Who has a pair? Trying to figure out what size I am, accoding to the sizing chart I would be a small or medium but everyone says the sizings are off, some say there small, some say big so I don't know What size I should get. If anyone has them and could tell me there normal pant size and what size heated pants they got I can get a better idea what size I should order

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    Re: tourmaster synergy pants

    Sorry just gloves and jacket liner.

    Strange sizing. best to try them on
    Typical size for me.
    Glove Medium; Jacket- L/XL
    Tourmaster Glove XL; Jacket Small

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    Re: tourmaster synergy pants

    Yeah, I had the same experience and told Corey as such.

    Typical Jacket - Large; Tourmaster Synergy Liner Size - Medium.
    Typical Glove - Large; Tourmaster Synergy Gloves - XL

    Weird. No help on the pants tho... I go commando.

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