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New vintage mini projects: '71 Bombardier + '71 Fox

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    Re: An Italian and an American walk into a stable...

    parts have been rolling in, haven't had much time to fiddle but been doing some mockups here and there.

    - i really liked the finish on the ProTaper XR50 BMX bars but the center mount point combined with pitbike clamps isn't working out. i need the clamps closer together or they're too crooked. will have to keep trying but might need to go with different parts.

    - mini Sportster tank looks rad, i love it. think i have a mount plan.

    - brown cafe racer seat looks sweet as well, love how the stitching lines up with the frame down tubes. i'll prob chop this much smaller than the mockups below. i kinda dig the super flat, no seat look so minimal will prob be best.

    few pics, Photochop of seat and tank union

    tank on seatpan, you can see the rear tab i'll inset into the pan. i'm thinking horizontal line of pan > tank, but have tried angled to match motor as well.

    brown diamond grips to match the seat cover.

    ordering the header and UNI filter adapter today.

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    Re: An Italian and an American walk into a stable...

    Dammit... I hate that my company laptop blocks so many image hosting sites!

    EDIT: ooooh, there we go. Thanks, Tappatalk, you useless frikkin app That looks awesome.

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