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Winter thoughts...

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    Winter thoughts...

    OK Children gather round and I will tell you a secret.

    Over the course of your long life you can cycle through a number of activities and when you return it almost "feels like the first time"
    street bike
    dirt bike
    speed boat
    sail boat

    I have even once and a while gone native and sold the entire fleet so I would have nothing on my mind for a while.

    2nd secret.. especially boats.. If you are mechanically handy and keep your eyes open you can buy a used mechanical toy use it for 2-3 years and sell it for what you paid. So almost free fun.

    I have been motorcycling for 40 years of which I only passed on a total of 3 years and when I get back in ...

    did I ever tell you about the worst sex I ever had It was wonderful

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    Winter thoughts...

    My experience:

    I've been riding on the street since 1976. There were times when riding seemed more effort than it was worth, but I always discovered a new facet.

    In my early years, it was about the motorcycle itself, I'd clean 'em, paint' em, read about 'em, gab about 'em. During that time, I'd expanded my riding experiences with overnight trips, etc.

    Then came racing (the first time) where the mechanics became more practical (suspension setup, engine work...), but the focus steered toward my riding skill.

    Then came a family and a house and bikes were an escape where I'd go for an occassional ride with friends of by myself.

    Then came MSF instructor, where my love of the sport was amplified outside myself to new riders and those wanting to learn more.

    Then came Sportriders (SRNE) where riding with a bunch of serious sport riders was a thrill and the social aspect was intoxicating.

    Then came track days, which re-introduced my love of going fast under controlled circumstances. I became involved in instructing at track days soon after.

    Then came a distancing from group street riding for safety reasons and I picked up road racing, again (2000). This time around, I had other racing friends who I'd met through SRNE who were racing. Unfortunately, that year went rather bad and I took the next few years off.

    Then came writing skills and safety articles for Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN). This is the ultimate outreach to others in the sport. It is very satisfying.

    Then came my third return to road racing (2003) on a more modern bike that required almost no mechanical intervention. I focused on developing my race and riding skills to a very high level, with much suscess.

    Recently, My family has been taking more ambitious tours (CO, UT) and my daughter will be on her own two wheels in a couple of years.

    I see my future involving more touring, training, dirt riding and publishing.

    I know most people aren't as ambitious as I am, but my point is that there is so much more to experience if you know where to look.

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