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Winter Storage

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    Re: Winter Storage

    That's a good deal for winter storage.

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    Re: Winter Storage

    Landrics BOMO offers storage too!! 65 per month gets your bike winterized with Stabil run through and your bike will be in our carpeted showroom nestled up to a battery tender as well as a cover ($50 one time payment/optional). PLUS!! in the spring it'll get fresh oil and filter with a detail. And if you call with 48 hr notice of nice weather we will have her ready to ride. And after your done... Bring it back to be placed back into storage. Payment up front will also get you a $50 discount. Can't beat that deal!!!

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    Re: Winter Storage

    Didn't one of those NHIS garages collapse a couple years ago from snow?

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    Re: Winter Storage

    Damn, I was looking for indoor storage for my sailboat! I paid $650 last season for indoor storage (although it was September through May) so $300 is a very good deal.

    We just finished wrapping the boats (we have a powerboat too), in storage in a co-worker's yard. You'd think someone in MA or NH with a barn was willing to make $500 to store a 24' sailboat, but I couldn't find one!

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