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Wrecked yesterday.

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    Re: Wrecked yesterday.

    Good luck with the recovery!

    I had the surgery for a major tear last year and the recovery isn't much fun. I don't know why my rehab was different, but I wasn't allowed to start PT until 4 weeks after the surgery. Starting the same week is a good sign.

    Getting range of motion back is critical, so follow the home exercise plan they give you religiously. It's easy to cut back on it after it starts to feel better but that's a huge mistake. Range of motion comes back quickly and by then PT isn't really painful.

    The other advice I got was to not rush back into any rigorous activity. Too much too soon could get you back on the table for another round of surgery.

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    Re: Wrecked yesterday.

    Rehab is always worse than what got you there..
    Ya.. don't jump back into things.. follow the rehab and listen to your limbs

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    Re: Wrecked yesterday.

    Quote Originally Posted by stoinkythepig View Post
    He thinks my shoulder will be better than it was 20 years ago when it fully heals.
    THAT'S AWESOME!!! I also hope that the pain subsides quicker than predicted, because following trauma and surgery, people are rarely back up to 100%

    Quote Originally Posted by stoinkythepig View Post
    As much as the pain sucks, it is such a relief to finally know I am on the mend.

    Thanks to all for the kind words.
    you've got such a positive outlook and attitude throughout this whole incident, and bike and accident aside, I'm glad you're doing (mentally) okay

    and F your primary care MD!

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