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First Annual Lunch on Seacoast Ride Report...!

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    First Annual Lunch on Seacoast Ride Report...!

    I thought this would be a small ride this year. There were only 10 folks signed up and the forecast was less than promising. As it turned out, there were 22 of us that left Seacoast right on time.

    After a quick stop in Goffstown so this rides ‘that guy’ could make some repairs on his exhaust, we had a really good romp along westward headed back roads to Vermont. Actually, I was ‘that guy’ before we left. Everyone was mounted up and ready to go when Jim called me back inside. It took me another 5 minutes to get my com gear and helmet all sorted out while everyone sweated and wondered what was taking me so long!

    Just past the second light through Derry, we passed a local LEO parked on the side of the road. We were probably a little over the posted speed limit but a wave was returned with a smile!

    We made it to our luncheon destination, The Top Of The Hill Grill ,right on time! Several locals as well as other NESR members had suggested trying this place as an alternative to Curtis Ribs! I think the food choices were more varied and my lunch was terrific.

    The reason Jim had pulled me back inside was to tell me the he was initiating an “Annual Lunch on Seacoast” event! So, going forward Seacoast will buy lunch for everyone on one ride…but, you never know which one! The lucky 22 that joined us for this ride show their appreciation.

    Thanks to Dave H for the picture!

    After lunch, as we prepared to head out on Rt. 9 to Hogback and on to Rt. 100, Dave approached me with his Droid and a weather map. At that very moment, there was a large dark green blob just covering Hogback and everything west! Thanks again Dave!!!

    So, we headed north on Rt. 5 along the Connecticut River. After we tried to cross a bridge that was closed, (not the last misdirection from Ms. Garmin that day!), I was given some lengthy directions from a helpful local. Basically, go straight until you see the other Bellows Falls bridge…the one that’s open. We crossed back into NH and started heading for Hancock.

    By now, we were in and out of light drizzle which was just enough to make the inevitable stretch of dirt road look like slick clay! Everyone seemed satisfied that this was now an ‘official ride’ and eventually Ms. Garmin had me back on 123 and into Hancock where we stopped briefly at Fiddleheads! We seemed to have gotten ahead of the rain and the rest of the ride to Goffstown was dry and a great last romp!

    We parted ways at the Irving station! Some of us got home dry….others had to ride through the system that was rolling east and got soaked!

    BTW - Don was the guy with the exhaust problem! He was the last one I ever expected to be 'that guy'! Cus, he's really a 'good' guy!

    Thanks to everyone for the great company and proficient riding. Always a pleasure to ride with folks who know how to guage a ride and ride accordingly!

    And, of course, huge thanks to Cheese (Rob) for his awesome work at Sweep. A ride like this goes well if we work together and Rob (as well as the other com folks) work together. (Better watch out there Sam...!!!)

    All in all, a great day and a big ‘thumbs up’ to Seacoast Sport Cycle for lunch!

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    Good post, Good lunch...
    Great ride, great people

    Thanks again Dave, and thanks Seacoast!

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    Re: First Annual Lunch on Seacoast Ride Report...!

    I have got to get in on a Dave ride.

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