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Nice ride yesterday, 10/13

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    Nice ride yesterday, 10/13

    So I had a great ride yesterday, cruisin' on the Guzzi, stopped at MM for coffee, then set off on 119, to 32, up to Keene for gas, back down 12 to Troy, side road over to 124, south on 124 to 123 ... nice. 180 miles in 5 and a half hours with lots of stops.

    Looks like I missed this by minutes:

    "Police shoot, kill suspect in Fitchburg robbery, 2-state chase"

    "... Fitchburg police began a pursuit of a red Nissan Altima along Route 31 and Route 119 and followed the suspects into Ashby and Ashburnham, but stopped the pursuit when they entered Rindge, N.H."



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    Re: Nice ride yesterday, 10/13

    I cruised out for the central MA Tag-O-Rama (Winchendon). Was headed for the Advider TOR in Adams but changed my mind as I had to be in Foxboro by 5:30. Went down 140 and stuck the tag in Shrewsbury. Nice day: over 185 miles I saw a total of 12 motorcycles.

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