Team Incomplete is proud to be hosting Tony Foale ( for a 2 day seminar on motorcycle dymanics and it's relationship to proper suspension and chassis setup. Tony is an internationally recognised figure in the motorcycle industry, the author of several books on the subject of motorcycle dynamics, and has been lecturing around the world on the topic. Thie year he has lectured at several US locations, including with Keith Code's California Superbike School, and we are lucky to host him here in NYC. The seminar is 11/13-14 and will be held in downtown Manhattan.

The 2 day event will start with a basic understanding of a motorcycle and the various forces that influence its behavior. It will continue to go into details of the handling behavior and how to positively affect performance and why. The whys of current motorcycle design will be examined and potential future directions also covered. There will be ample time for specific Q&A sessions. If you're a racer, suspension tuner, mechanic, engineer, or just a curious rider, this seminar will greatly increase your understanding of what goes from the contact patch all the way to the clip-ons and footpegs.

The cost for the seminar is $250 for the 2 day session. Tony's latest book and software package for linkage suspension design and analysis will be avilable at a discounted seminar package. Seating is limited so reserve your place soon.

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Chris Cosentino
team incomplete
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