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If you Corner Worked

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    If you Corner Worked

    From the NEAR list.*****

    We, the USM, are trying to gather addresses for our workers to send out our winter correspondance and any unclaimed pay. If are (or know) any of the people on this list - please respond to me at lcole2576 at gmail dot com with the names and full mailing addresses for these people. Please be sure keep this OFF LIST, the entire list doesn't need to know everyone's address.

    Thanks so much,

    Adams, Malik
    Allen, Paul
    Barry, Todd
    Berlinger, John
    Berrio Jr, Gene
    Berrio Sr, Gene
    Berry, Todd
    Bourgeois, Don
    Brayton, Mike
    Caouette, Roger
    Cenci, Matt
    Chambers Jr, Richard
    Coombs, Josh
    Cournoyer, Dan
    Coviello, Paul
    Cullen, Amanda
    Daellenbach, Jon
    Daigle, Craig
    DeFazio, John
    Dickstein, Sarah
    Djordjevic, Stefan
    Djordjevic, Zee
    Doll, John
    Eastman, Thayer
    Epsaro, Cindy
    Ferguson, Scott
    Ferreyra, Andre
    Girouard, Clayton
    Grant, Joel
    Haggett, Chris
    Hanks, Roger
    Hoffer, Cordell
    Holland, Jay
    Kornapuyova, Leeza
    Lavoie, Curt
    Lemire, Mike
    MacIntosh, Nate
    Martin, Dan
    Martin, Jeff
    Mavros, Charlie
    Mayer, Steve
    Mendell, Dave
    Mosher, Andrea
    Mullin, Jay
    Mulloy, Jess
    Nabatoff, Ray
    Napoli, John
    Norton, Marcella
    Norton, Ted
    Oesterhuber, Michelle
    Orezzoli, Jimmy
    Oxx, Brian
    Parker, Jason
    Parks, Brett
    Patch, Thomas
    Patterson, Lee
    Patterson, Mark
    Peron, Matt
    Perry, Jay
    Powell, Glen
    Presuto, Gino
    Roani, Larry
    Robie, Joel
    Ruhlin, Mike
    Spence, Beth
    Spurlock, Sue
    Viera, Al "

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    If you Corner Worked

    Quote Originally Posted by l3uddha View Post
    lol i was supposed to get money for that?!

    i thought they already paid me in beer.

    sent her my address

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    If you Corner Worked

    +1. thx doc.

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    If you Corner Worked

    Quote Originally Posted by l3uddha View Post
    lol i was supposed to get money for that?!

    i thought they already paid me in beer.

    I thought the free pass +lunch +BBQ +beer was plenty

    Although I did have to ride home (in the rain almost 2 hrs ) so I only had 1 beer

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