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Hey Saxman!!!

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    Hey Saxman!!!

    You'll do fine. I just like being competive to win the race and last year I know I couldn't do that in Amateur.

    See ya on the grid in a few weeks!

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    Hey Saxman!!!

    i learned very quickly that I wasn't going to be competitive right away (contray to what I thought before I raced)

    I fought myself alittle bit mentally about the whole thing at first, but finally came to accept where I am as a racer and now am putting together my race program so that I can improve.

    I wasn't going to be competitive in novice all that soon either and winning races in NV doesn't do much for me anyway ... so I just feel I can better myself by advacing (my talking with others and listening to their experiances and opinions)

    I'm looking forward to it thats for sure

    I don't know if you have pre entries naz, but I talked with wanda today and she said that I should just sent in new forms and she will just replace the ones I have already sent in so I don't lose my pre-entry spot.

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