not much to report for me.
showed up sat night and unpacked

sunday woke up early and put on the new Holeshot pipe (please dont blow up!)
went out and did 1 practice to see haow it would go. the bike was running like shit (popping, not idling right etc..) i determine it sthe old ass gas in the tank. so i drain it and put in some fresh stuff. i also had brought a new clutch cable with me (the one on there is OEM from 01) so i go to swap it out and discover its for a naked SV and its too long. FUCK! no big deal, just put the old one on until next race weekend.

i go out for T-bikes (i forgot to mention that since i didnt pre reg in time im starting LAST) again... no big deal. the flag drops and i blast to the front. i go to grab 2nd and SNAP!!! the clutch cable breaks. (guess it was a big dea) lhad the bike actually shifted into 2nd i probably would have kept going but it went into N so i just pulled off. my first DNF

get back to the pits and i MAKE the new cable work and i head out for super twins. again.... dead last the flag drops and for some reason 3 out 4 bikes in the front row DONT MOVE. so now the 3+ rows behind then are squeezing through i dont know what place im in nor do i care. i start picking people off one (sometimes 2) at a time. i catch some guy on a 996 (which coinsidently was his #) and im racing every line BUT the racing line to get around him. i showed him a wheel about 4 times and he practically cut it off once i still couldntget passed him and i later found out i had some how finished 4th AND i was back down to the low 23s again. would like to be back in the 22s... but ill do that next weekend