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NESR Donates To Injured Rider Fund!

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    Thumbs up NESR Donates To Injured Rider Fund!

    Thanks to the generosity of members of New England Streetriders, we were able to donate $175.00 to the Karen Hornbecker Memorial Injured Riders Fund! That should make all who donated very proud to know that their contributions went to such a good cause. And it should show everyone here yet another good thing about NESR...

    The donation was raised by raffling off a limited run Troy Corser framed print signed by the artist. Only 350 were printed, and I believe this one was #72...

    Congratulations to SEVENSGT on being the lucky winner! I don't think any one there wanted that any more so than he. Which would explain why he bought $40 worth of tickets...

    Big kudos to everyone on this. It was a great effort for a great cause...

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    NESR Donates To Injured Rider Fund!

    you guys rock! I actually meant to buy some raffle tix (though I'm sure I wouldn't have been elegible? is that really how you spell that? I'm lit, sorry!) but I forgot. Big thanks to NESR Racing and all that bought tickets...we appreciate everything that's done to establish a good attitude towards NESR.

    And believe me, I KNOW I've done my share to counteract that...but I'm a spaz...deal with it!

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    Just so's you know

    I donated that Troy pic (was hanging on my wall last week). I don't want to tell you how much it cost me, with framing.

    Next year I will be raffling off this one for the same cause. Max Biaggi, signed by the artist again. Limited edition double-print of Max on 250 Hondas.


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    NESR Donates To Injured Rider Fund!

    You the man Degs... Are riders eligible to win. That is a cool picture. I will be donating a bunch of stuff next year as well. Nothing as cool as those pics but fun anyway.


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    ok ^^ 5 fer me

    & im good at selling stuff like that

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