Another rush rush weekend. I purposely left my house after 5:00 hoping the fedex truck would arrive with three parts I had on order. Low and behold 4:30 the fedex truck arrives... what impeccable timing. So we got to the track late Friday night.

Woke up at 6:00 and prepared for all the work I needed to get done. I went to registration @ 6:30 and sent my cousin to the Street & Comp trailer to pick up a front fairing bracket I desparately needed, wheel chock to solve my nerve wrecking ride up and a few other misc items. After much finagling we got the damn front fairing bracket to work... so much for bolt and go. All of that was enough to miss my first practice.

Second practice rolls around and the fun (confusion) started. Mind you, I haven't ridden the bike since it was nearly totalled last race weekend. With close to $2500 in new parts installed the bike ran flawlessly, I unfortunately ran like sh**! My biggest problem... I tried to cold turkey convert to GP shifting. yeah, it didn't happen. I kept the GP shift, but had one hell of a time getting comfortable. Its safe to say, I never got comfortable. I got off the track and wanted a kick in the balls!

I ran one race on Saturday, MW Supersport that's it. Should've ran another, but I'm still learning. Anyways, starting from what was suppose to be 9D, I get an okay start... skate by a few people and get my @ss handed to me by some people that evidently got a better start than me! I settle in and try to focus on corners and shifting (definitely couldn't do either very well). Another rider (don't know who) gave me a good run for my money. We both seemed to be faster in different parts of the track which made for some great racing. We took turns in front of one another and all was well until we caught up to a slightly slower rider. While ahead of the other guy, I attempt to over take the slower guy and end up wide in turn 11 (I think its 11). I lose the battle to not only this guy, but the guy I had just passed! Mid way through the race the bike starts to feel funny. I look down only to find my grip half off... I start cursing! I had glued the thing down days prior and safety wired it in two places! WTF! After that my focus was done. I just couldn't get by either of the guys mentioned above. I tried like hell again in 11 and was too hot to duck in for 12 forcing me to run wide again! I ended the race in 17th out of 38. I was content. Knowing I have a lot more in the bag keeps me from jumping off a cliff. Got to walk again before I can run.

Net race weekend, I'm hoping to settle into the GP shift, get used to the bike's new setup and have have grips that stay put.

Much thanx go out to:
- Peter Kates @ GMD for getting my bike straightened out and getting me as good a stock suspension setup as one can get!
- Deb @ SBT for getting me the parts I needed to get the bike rebuilt.
- My friends and family that busted chop to help me at the track and off the track.