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PowerStands Racer Sponsorship Program

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    PowerStands Racer Sponsorship Program

    I just came across this and thought it might be useful for someone. Basically:

    1. List PowerStands as one of top 5 sponsors in all entry forms, press releases, resumes, web sites, interviews and any other
    promotional material.
    2. Display PowerStands sticker on each side of your racing motorcycle(s)
    3. Purchase products solely for your own racing use.

    and you can purchase a set of their tire warmers for reduced price. I have no idea what kind of quality these warmers are but it might help someone on here.

    PowerStands Racer Program :: New Enough Motorcycle Hard Parts

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    Re: PowerStands Racer Sponsorship Program

    If they made them in mini sizes I'd be all over it.

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    Re: PowerStands Racer Sponsorship Program

    I have about $500 worth of contingency certificates from them from last year...

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    Dave Gomes
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