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My Race Report

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    My Race Report

    I arrived at the track Friday late afternoon, unpacked the trailer, got everything ready to rock, and proceeded to tech. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, saw Bryan's bike all smashed up, flipped out, found him, made sure he was OK and didn't need anything, then went to tech. Passed tech as usual, saw my usual friends there, yapped for a few minutes, and came back to the pit to commence drinking efforts! Little while later, Mikey rolled in with his new truck, and what very closely resembled a rolling HOTEL! Too funny! Satudray morning was absolutely crappy. Light rain was a pain, my tyres were completely shagged from 2 100+ lap trackdays, and 2 race weekends. No use in buying tyres for one weekend, so I managed. Put lots of rain-X on the shield so I could just look either way on the straights and whammo, no more rain on shield! Second practice was a little less rainy and cold, but still rather useless just the same. Hey, I kept it up, so I was happy. Came in, dried the bike, and relaxed all day because I wasn't racing Saturday. Watched all the guys go out and rip it up. Everyone did great considering the chilly and damp weather.

    Sunday morning was amazing. I woke up, came out of the trailer to see the sun shining with not one cloud in the sky! Perfect, except that the track was freezing cold. No matter, practices went very well. I was having issues with the oil thief though...Transmission drain plug emptied normal amount of oil when I pulled it, oil filter drained normal amount too, pull main drain plug...NOTHING!! OH BOY!! Oddly enough, the spark plug looked perfect, the exhaust didn't have oily goo in it, and the bike was running great. Hmmm? Any ideas? Me either. Best we could come up with is Dan saying the oil thief was taking it and selling it on the black market!

    Race 3, GTL, 30 minute race. First 30 minute race I've done. Went very well barring my tyres and slower times because of that. I taught myself to drag a knee coming through T1, and it felt great! WOW, this thing CAN do a controlled 2 wheel slide! Woo Hooo!!!!
    Unfortunately, Myself and Mr. Tully shall we say.."customized" the main carb jet, so she eats gas like a mother! So I had to pit in 3/4 through the race. Dammit, I just watched the 4 guys on big bikes that I passed and worked for 20 minutes to build a decent gap on motor right on down the front straight. Dammit, not gonna catch em..oh well, I'm having fun anyways.

    Race 11, Thunderbike. Went well also. All of us were out there and we all had a great time! See the pic of myself and Chad(#667) Running up the hill side by side in Nef's thread. It was a blast. Unfortunately when we got towards the top of the hill, he went by me waving...the sonofabitch, he's got more go fast than I do, so I'll have to get him back in the corners. By that time my tyres were sliding all over creation, so I didn't chance it, But I stayed right with him for the remainder of the race. It was so much fun!
    Mikey, Lew, Kip, and Gereard(I think) were all down by the sunoco sign cheering us on. Funny thing, Mikey says they were trying to find my braking marker in T1, but they figured out that I don't use brakes. It's taken me all year to finally master that, so I'm proud to say I accelerate most of the way through that particular turn and it's a huge rush! Danny Boy did well. Although his hand was still bothering him, he still WON the championship for Formula Forty! YAAY DANNY BOY!!! Bob Martineau also won his race too! It was his first win I believe, so CONGRATULATIONS TO BOBBY OL BOY!!!! Way to go!!! Oh yeah, he did a huge burn-out in the pit and Nate the security guy caught him..heehehee

    All in all it was a great weekend of racing and good times with some great friends! A huge thanks to all those who have supported me this season. I hate to single people out, but I feel these people need to be recognized.

    Dan(486), You've been such a great mentor to me!
    Degsy(105), You've also been a great mentor to me!
    Jesse Sandoz(18), Jim Smith, and Jim Rich(62)(Seacoast Sport Cycle) They got me started racing by sponsoring Double Apex last year, and have supported me this year too.
    Mark Tully(426), You motivated me to get faster every time out there.
    John(715) For the manwich!
    Bob(106) & Nancy, For all their hospitality and for Bob's sarcasim!
    Rice-Rocket1 and Nefarious, for all the great pics you snapped of me!
    Ben Torrance, My best friend and a committed NESR cornerworker! Thanks Benny Boy!!!

    My best sponsor, Jon, who owns a great shop in Portsmouth NH, called Motorbikes Plus. Jon, you've helped me so much this year, I can't thank you enough! And if anyone needs anything for their bike at all, give him a call. 603.334.MOTO! He's a great guy to do business with, and his prices are very reasonable too!!! Tell him Heath sent you.

    Thanks to everyone else who supported me, and NESR Racing! See you all next year!

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