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Racing the Hawk

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    Racing the Hawk

    So, I finally rode my new bike above parking lot speeds this weekend. First couple times out during the penguin school I hated it. Every suspension adjustment was cranked way up. I'm lucky I didn't crash it bouncing through the corners. I turned some of the adjustments down and it felt much more normal. I still need to get it dialed in, though.

    Then there's the shifter, which decides to choose third gear while I'm wringing it out in fourth(I just installed a new heavy duty detent spring tonight).

    Though when I thought I damaged my engine beyond repair and stopped caring about it, I set my best lap time of the day! 1.29.something! I know it's not that good, but I'm happy I made progress throughout the whole weekend!

    Thanks everyone for any help and info you may have given me! See ya in two weeks!

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    Racing the Hawk

    Word up Chris. That Hawk will treat you right once you get her dialed in Doing a sub-30 first weekend out is A-OK in my book. Shit a sub-30 was my goal at the start of last season...

    I think NESR is setting a new record for post-race reports. My god, I feel like writing one and I didn't even race!

    Keep em coming.

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    Racing the Hawk

    Originally posted by a13x

    I think NESR is setting a new record for post-race reports.
    Or just bringing people to the damn track!!

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