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Rulebook interpretation *** paging Kurlon ***

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    Rulebook interpretation *** paging Kurlon ***

    R-clip: is it legal for a front axle?

    The rulebook states:
    Axles must be secured by lock wiring both the axle and
    the nut, or by a cotter pin through both the axle and the

    The wiki site for R-clip states:
    An R-clip, also known as an R-pin, R-key, hairpin cotter pin,[1] hairpin cotter,[2] bridge pin,[2] hitch pin[3] or spring cotter pin,[4]

    There was an off-topic discussion today where I said an R-clip isnít allowed per LRRS tech. Several of us have failed tech over the years for using the same exact clips on our bikes. The response was a quote from the LRRS rulebook, which my stance was that an R-clip is not a cotter pin. Therefore, it should not have passed tech.

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    Re: Rulebook interpretation *** paging Kurlon ***

    Saw the discussion. I think in that specific application, where a cotter pin goes, they're legal/likely to pass tech. Where people got in trouble was using them in combination with safety wire, aka as quick clips for caliper bolts, or wiring to an R-clip instead of an axle / axle nut. In those scenarios the R-Clip is being used as a tension device where they're not really all that good, and is what Tech was failing in the past.

    Now, if you want to delve deeper... the rulebook specifically states the cotter pin must go through BOTH the axle and nut. A castleated nut (AKA OEM setup on say, a Ninja 400) would technically not pass in that scenario with an R-Clip or cotter pin.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2019 LRRS Rules
    9.15 All brakes stay bolts and caliper mounting bolts must be
    lock wired.

    9.16 Axles must be secured by lock wiring both the axle and
    the nut, or by a cotter pin through both the axle and the
    nut. Axle caps securing the front axle to the fork must be
    lock wired.


    9.26 The referee shall have the power to disqualify any
    motorcycle that he deems to be unsafe or unfit for
    competition, and may inspect any part of a motorcycle
    entered in competition, without having received a protest.

    9.26.1 Diagram: Examples of Safety Wiring
    So, the prohibition on R-Clips on brakes will be based on 9.26.1 and that they don't fit the examples of safety wiring, with a fallback to 9.26 of 'I said so'.

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