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some 'tard pics

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    some 'tard pics

    Originally posted by trackdog
    thanks Will.
    No offense, just felt like I should defend the dogs here since they can't speak for themselves.
    No problem. I'm not afraid of the dogs and was patting them earlier. They didn't do anything until I was already in the bus. I just walked in no biggie and waved to the dogs then I got inthe bus and they got up and started growling. I was like "awe come om pups" and walked out. No fear about it. No biggie I was just given Oxx shit.

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    Bras cause cancer.

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    some 'tard pics

    That breed is like a loaded gun, along with some other breeds.
    Loaded guns aren't dangerous....aint gonna go off by itself.

    But the potential of causing harm is there.

    What I'm saying is, there are certain breds that must be repected. Cause if they get hold of ya...well.........(insert favorite line here)...I got one...

    "despite all the pounding and hollering, they rip ya to pieces" Capt. Quint

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    I still love the smell of burnt racing fuel in the morning!

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