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Good weekend / Screw the reg folks!

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    Good weekend / Screw the reg folks!

    Not that anyone wants to hear it, but I had a phenomenal race weekend. Minus the part where the f***ing registration folks lost my prereg, forced me to pay full price (despite a tremendous amount of bitching). I have to put this in here... "If they didn't treat us like shit when we called, or when something goes ary, I wouldn't of given them such an attitude when they lost my prereg". Thankfully, I opted NOT to volunteer as a corner worker on Friday. Given the way I was treated this weekend, NOBODY that comes up with me will corner work from now on. Note to everyone, PRINT YOUR FAX REPORTS AND HAVE THEM READILY AVAILABLE AT THE TRACK. Anyways....

    Many thanx to Peter Kates for his advice and bike setup.

    Ran just two races on Saturday: Race 4 (MW SS) and Race 13 (MW SB). My nerves were acting up on me and I was trying desparately to focus. The last race weekend all I could drum up was a mere 1:27. I had just come off a crash and just switched to GP shifting cold turkey. I wasn't too happy. This weekend... everything just came together. Mind you this is my third race weekend.


    Finished 5th in SS and 9th in SB. I took the time to take a lot of notes this weekend. Despite me being content with my progress, I still felt there were plenty of areas for improvement.

    How much movement should I feel before swapping tires? I'm PRETTY sure I need a new set seeing I've been on the same set for three race weekends now (2 races each weekend). I noticed some slipping in the bowl (and a NEAR high side coming out of three, but that was my fault).

    Well that's about it.

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    Good weekend / Screw the reg folks!

    Congrats on your steadily improving performance bro And it was good to finally meet ya at Smokey Bones I'm guessin your tires are at the very LEAST gettin close to the end of their useful race lives. Might wanna retire those bad boys to practice or poser status. That's what most guys do on the big bikes... Me, i don't have that problem too often

    One thing i kinda wanna remind everyone of though is that cornerworking doesn't just help the track people, it helps everyone who races.

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