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XTRM rewards card...

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    XTRM rewards card...

    Anyone using the XTRM Sports Network stuff for contingency? Is it just me or is it a huge pain in the ass? All the adding results and every single time I put a listing in, it changes the date on me to April 25th for some stupid reason so I gotta go and edit it back to the right date... again.

    And go figure, somehow they took $29.95 out of my account for a card activation fee but there's no transaction listing or anything... I just kinda had to figure that one out on my own.

    I dunno... I appreciate the fact that I got some pretty decent contingency this year, but it's just a big bag of suck.

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    Re: XTRM rewards card...

    I agree, it's a PIA. And when it expires they want more $. Maybe if you're finishing well week in and week out it's worth it. Lately I've let it go though, my lap times and finishes have tanked.

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    Re: XTRM rewards card...

    yup in 3 months when your trial pro account expires they will want a extra $50 for a year

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