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'06 SV650S Noob bolt question

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    '06 SV650S Noob bolt question

    So, a couple days after I bought my bike, I ended up having to take the tail plastics off to remove a rusted bolt that snapped and was stuck in the frame. When I decided to do this, like an ameteur, I figured the process was easy enough and didn't pay attention to what bolts/screws went were. Anyways, I put it back together and ended up with two bolts that don't fit where I believe they were before. It's been bugging the hell out of me, so I took the tail back off and tried to see if I maybe mixed a couple bolts up, but ended up with the two bolts/washers and two unbolted areas.

    FYI the PO kinda frankenstein'd the bike nuts&bolts-wise so I'm not sure if the bolts/washers I took off even fit there correctly to begin with. I checked the microfische (http://www.ronayers.com/Fiche/TypeID...VER_(SV650K6)_), and I think what I'm looking for is #11, 12, and 13.

    Also if anyone just so happens to have their SV apart and has a picture of what actually fits here that would be outstanding as well.


    Bolts that fit nowhere

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    Re: '06 SV650S Noob bolt question

    Those extra bolts look like they bolt the under tray to the subframe.

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    Re: '06 SV650S Noob bolt question

    I did a quick search on the goog and it looks like there are rubber bumpers there that hold up the seat. Otherwise they may just be holes to allow plastic nipples on the seat to plug into.

    '06 SV650S Noob bolt question-sv650-pan-jpg

    I still believe there should be small bolts that screw in there too though.

    Those bolts you have look like they might belong under the tail end (under the passenger seat)

    thats all I got for your right now. Sold my SV a year or so ago now. Go try SVRIDER.com - Awesome group of very knowledgeable guys

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