Does anyone know how to remove the front seat of an F4i? I know it is in the manual but I seemed to misplace it and I cant find any screws/bolts holding the seat in place. I need to remove the front seat to get access to the battery.

The Problem:
Last night I found my bike lying in a puddle of water. Apparently the kickstand sank into the dirrt after a heavy rainstorm and it tipped over on the left side into a large puddle of freezing cold water. I immediately ran outside set the bike up then started it up and moved it to a concrete base with no apparent problems.

Now the day after, I try and start the bike and it turns but doesnt want to run. After trying 5 or 6 times to start the bike it quit on me and all it does now when pressing the ignition is tick rapidly.

So I'm thinking my bike's battery died and I want to jump start it after 5 unsuccessful attempts to push start it. (Not enough speed i guess?) Or could laying in a puddle of water for a prolonged period of time screw up something else thats serious.